Character Animator, WompaDan, 3D Artist
Character Animator
3D Artist
Waiting for Maria
When I was first designing John, this was a random image that just seemed to keep growing on the page. I'm not one for large, complex scenes, but this one felt effortless. An old man, a porch, and missed opportunities.
Red 32!!
A roullette wheel and ball, with heavy render settings to make it look pretty. :o ) Only took about 3 hours to make total. I particularly like the way the ball-in-motion blurred in the render.
Craps Table
This was a piece used for an educational DVD menu screen. A print-resolution version was used for the actual DVD cover. The texture was created at high-resolution, so that extremely close camera positions could be applied. The most frustrating aspect, however, is that real casino-style craps dice LOOK like badly created 3D dice.
Demo Reel
A unique style in both creature creation and computer animation. Click here to view the demo reel of Daniel Frank, a Boston-based character animator.
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