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Four colorful hobos celebrate their annual thanksgiving tradition. Who says you need a home for the holidays? Developed for the Fox/Aniboom Holiday Short Contest. This is the first time that I've hand animated a short in Flash. Each character originated with concept sketches, and many characters were scrapped before I narrowed it down to these four.
Happy Holidays
Dynamic Typography experiment using some audio of my sister Donna and her daughter. Donna Frank is a professional voice artist. Her web site is Her daughter is not a professional voice artist.
Nobody Gonna Win - 11secondclub
This animation was my entry in the October 2008 11 Second Club monthly contest. I managed to do fairly well, against some stiff competition. Rated 37th out of 154 entries. I think it's a very nice example of some good emotional character interaction.
Demo Reel
This is the latest compilation of some of my best work. Because I have so few characters created at this point in my career, I wanted to present them in a consistent way. I like the aesthetic of the plain white background in the dancing clips. It draws the focus to the character, as opposed to their environments, and looks clean to me. The reel lasts just over 2 minutes, because I felt that I couldn't do justice to the piece as a whole with less.
A Wompa Christmas
Believe it or not, this one is based loosely on a true story. It was laundry, not garbage, and it was the back door, and I have less fur, but that's really the only differences. A Wompa Christmas is probably the second most complex animation that I've created, but I still feel that it's my best. The character was originally envisioned by Jen Seng of, in a hand-drawn form. The 3D model was created on my single home system, and the amount of fur on his body turned the rendering process into a nightmare. All in all, though, I'm happy with the result.
John, the Happy Commuter
This piece is something that took me quite a while to work on. I created it after finishing up A Wompa Christmas, and was looking for a respite from the intense amounts of time required for rendering fur. THey say you should write what you know, and at the time my commute ranged anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. So I decided to focus on the ridiculousness of watching a train slowly trundle by after waiting an exorbitant amount of time for it. The feeling is difficult to explain or duplicate, but suffice it to say, you feel almost comically impotent. I tried to give him a smooth and dignified motion.
This was my senior capstone project in college. My first finished animation worth mention. I think it's obvious that my skills have improved since this, but I'm very happy with the way it came out. Most artists will agree they can look back at their own works and identify countless points that could have been improved on. This is definitely one of those pieces for me. Rather than list it's weaknesses, I'll just conclude by saying I wrote and recorded the music for the piece, of which I'm most proud.
Demo Reel
A unique style in both creature creation and computer animation. Click here to view the demo reel of Daniel Frank, a Boston-based character animator.
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